Relevance's experienced trainers offer quality training in powerful technologies.

Training Offerings

We offer open training events regularly at leading conferences as well as on-site training for businesses. Regardless of venue or topic, our expert trainers deliver polished material and work interactively through labs and exercises with each class.

Clojure Training

We combined our deep technical knowledge of Clojure's implementation with our practical experience using Clojure to build a 3 day course for practitioners.

Relevance Clojure training is designed to empower you or your team to leverage Clojure to its fullest. We cover Clojure's data structures and sequences, functional programming, polymorphism, JVM interoperation, and many other core Clojure concepts and capabilities.

  • Instructors: Members of Clojure/core
  • Length: 3 days
  • Location: On-site at your location

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ClojureScript Training

ClojureScript is a subset of Clojure that targets JavaScript runtimes, giving Clojure the ability to run in browsers.

We took our existing 3-day Clojure training and rebuilt it with ClojureScript in mind, adding material and exercises to create a comprehensive course suitable for anyone with JavaScript experience.

  • Instructors: Members of Clojure/core
  • Length: 1 day
  • Location: On-site at your location

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Agile Project Management and Development Training

As described in How We Work, Relevance has found agile practices to be an excellent method of developing quality software in a cost effective manner. Focusing on individuals and interactions over processes and tools, building working software through deep customer collaboration, and responding to change are extremely powerful techniques that can accelerate your development team when applied appropriately to your challenges and environment.

This is not a "one size fits all" or lecture training. We take the time to understand what is unique to your company or group and work with you to apply our knowledge and experience to determine what practices make sense and how your team can apply them most effectively.

  • Instructors: Relevance agile software development experts
  • Length: varies
  • Location: On-site at your location

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Ruby/Rails Training

Relevance was one of the first companies to offer Ruby on Rails consulting in 2005, and we continue to deliver high quality Ruby and Rails software to our customers.

We have distilled our extensive experience with Rails and knowledge of Ruby and its ecosystem into a 3-day course suitable for web developers without Ruby or Rails experience.

  • Instructors: Relevance Ruby/Rails experts
  • Length: 3 days
  • Location: On-site at your location

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Custom Training

Does your team or company face a problem that our current training offerings do not serve? We'd love to talk with you about a training package customized for your team.

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