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We built our business with Rails. It is definitely in our sweet spot.


We work on and with Clojure, support the community, and help developers use Clojure effectively.


We care about client-side code.

System Architecture

From database choice to deployment strategy, we have the big picture in mind.


Wireframes, user-flow diagrams & mockups are part of our process.

Art & Design

We have artists on staff that care about individual pixels. Seriously, individual pixels.


We build our applications with security in mind. We also perform security audits.

Agile Process

We collaborate with you and are ready to respond to change as we discover.

Mobile Web

We deliver Scalable, Responsive web applications across a variety of platforms.

Legacy Upgrade

Old giant code base that you need to wrangle? Don’t worry, we have you covered.


Want to implement our process? Improve your architecture? Learn Clojure?


There’s more to our team of polyglots than we can list here. Ask, we may be able to help.