Open Source

We are committed to supporting the open source community.

At Relevance, we have found that the best solutions for our clients frequently rely on open source software. Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power distributed peer review and transparency of process. We contribute with the following initiatives:

  • Fridays (20% Time), when everyone on the Relevance technical team spends the day working on ideas they are passionate about, including open source software that is contributed back to the community.
  • Our Refactotum series, which shows developers how to contribute to open source.


We combine the deep technical understanding of the creator of Clojure with the best practices of a premier agile development company to provide expert development. We are the core development team for Clojure itself, and we invest back into Clojure every week in order to sustain the platform and the community.

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Our books

Relevance team members share their interests and expertise in several books. See our team page for more information on our team and the books they have written.