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  • After an extensive search of potential partners to support the development of our application, we decided on Relevance and without a doubt it was the right decision for our business. Their process and approach were exactly what the EnviCor team was looking for. They were willing to listen to our needs and work with us, while at the same time being highly engaged, asking the right questions and keeping our project on track, time and budget. Relevance has been a trusted partner in this endeavor and critical to the launch our SmartTank eLMS system. As an organization we value our relationship with Relevance and look forward to continue to work with them on future enhancements and projects.

    — Steve Arnold, President and CEO of EnviCor Enterprises, LLC

  • We came to Relevance to dramatically scale our business on the web. We did our homework and though not the lowest quote, we knew they were the people we wanted to partner with. Their personal enthusiasm, agile methodology and team coaching sold us and we are thrilled that we made this choice. Relevance surpassed our wildest expectations and our product is better than we could have envisioned on our own. The project team ensured clarity through ruthless prioritization, the team coach provided leadership, the transparent feedback helped us have a sense of completion at important milestones and on and on. In conclusion, we are raving fans of the talented people at Relevance and would recommend them to anyone.

    — Pam Boney, Founder and CEO, Tilt Inc.

  • We chose Relevance as a development partner because of their experience with our technology stack and their ability to integrate in our development environment. From the first interaction to the end of the first project we were impressed not only with their technical skills, but their ability to really understand the challenges we have and contribute to the project definition. The Relevance team also helped us refine our processes and shared their best practices that continue to influence our development flow. I was also struck with their honest, straightforward approach to issues as well. If something wasn’t going to work or be a good fit, they were upfront and most importantly, correct. We are looking forward to our continuing engagements ahead.

    — Tom Sands, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vivisimo

  • Relevance's streamed-lined agile process and "disruptive" approach to building software helped us gain velocity and exceed our goal of being cash flow positive with low churn and high levels of customer satisfaction in just 6 short months. As a start up it was critical for us to use disruptive innovation tactics to gain traction in the heavily monopolized fitness space. Relevance brought another layer to the process of building "tech"…they asked the right questions performed the business analysis and made sure that we had the business intelligence and software to move forward and succeed. They were instrumental in helping us build an acceleration ramp with a clear runway for success.

    — Andrew Hooge, Founder and CEO Fitsistant

  • Relevance has far exceeded our expectations. They have not merely fulfilled the requirements of the project, they have also adapted to our business and provided a comprehensive solution that goes beyond minimum requirements. Their development team is highly skilled and quickly adapts to new projects and changing needs without missing a step. Additionally, Relevance offers a complete package of effective project management, design, and professional services that comfortably aligned with our business at each point. On every occasion, Relevance has gone above and beyond, to deliver more than we expected.

    — Anna Milner, Manager of Application Development, WebAssign

  • It was fantastic to work with Relevance. The team members are incredibly smart, they are savvy, their ideas and feedback were spot on and they really understood what we wanted to achieve. Overall, a great experience!

    — Kirk Owen, CEO Zenph Inc.

  • After a diligent review of available platforms, we settled on Ruby on Rails due to the fast growing developer base and known productivity gains over more conventional platforms. With Relevance, we found a partner with experience that worked in tandem with our team and provided guidance throughout the development process. This partnership not only grew our internal Ruby on Rails skill set substantially, but has advanced our time to market when it comes to releasing new features and enhancements.

    — Gavin Stark, Vice President of Product Development, Real Digital Media

  • Our final deploy looks great and I am once again applauding your efforts. Thank you all for your hard work, professionalism and delivery of a great product. I feel a great sense of success with this project, in spite of all its adversities, and a large part of that of that success rests on your shoulders. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Well Done Gentlemen!

    — Ann Holdam, Operation Analyst, PICA Group

  • I can truly say that the Relevance 'gravitational' field has made an impact on medSage and me personally. Since we started I purchased multiple software packages you guys recommended, switched to Emacs, attended the great Clojure Studio, and even changed our office layout to an open desk formation. I am working on getting the bottomless pop barrel and candy dispensers as well ;).

    — Christian Kebekus, CTO medSage Technologies

  • We had an ongoing development effort, but without Relevance, we would never have made it to production. Their focus on shipping solutions enabled us to move off our expensive AS400 equipment with confidence. Relevance was an absolute joy to work with.

    — Kevin Russell, VP of Technology, Baldwin Mutual Insurance Co., Inc.

  • As a tech startup, we brought Relevance onboard to show us how to build something awesome quickly. We asked them to show us how it is done. We asked for code that we could build on and build additional product around. Relevance did not disappoint. They delivered what we asked for on time and threw in some extras that have immediately paid serious dividends. Most importantly, Relevance allowed us to embed our team members into their process and learn some great best practices. When we want to contract for complex, fast turn-around software projects in the future, Relevance will be at the top of our list.

    — Luke Fishback - CEO / Co-Founder PlotWatt.com

  • I've actually been kind of shocked at the speed of the turnaround when issues come up. Whenever I make a phone call, someone always picks up the phone. Pretty impressive. Especially when I measure you guys against the responsiveness of some of our other vendors.

    — Jason Smith, Director of Client Services at Contegix

  • The very nature of our business is based on the security of our products and the high level of integrity we have with our customers. The application audit performed by Relevance was not taken lightly. The audit findings were both a confirmation to our development team regarding the high quality of their work and also exposed several potential areas of threat. These potential threats have been mitigated and our application is much stronger because of the professional and thorough review we received from Relevance.

    — J. James Wager, Vice President, SCRIP-SAFE International, Inc.

  • We chose Relevance due to their experience and cost effectiveness. Relevance met our needs by providing flexibility, speed-to-market and an agile methodology that works in two week iterations, thus allowing for changes and updates in only hours or days – without having to restart the development process.

    — Mike Massey, Director of Community Development, TradeKing

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