Where to Find Relevancers: April Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of April:

Philadelphia, PA 4/2-4/4
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise
Speaking: Stuart Sierra: Clojure/ClojureScript: One Language to Rule the Web

St. Augustine, FL 4/4-4/5
Ancient City Ruby
Speaking: Russ Olsen: Insight, Intuition and Programming

Panama City Beach, FL 4/11-4/14
Attending: Maggie Litton, Ben Vandgrift, Marc Phillips, Ryan Neufeld, Kevin Altman, Sam Umbach

Durham, NC 4/16
West End Ruby Hack Night @ Relevance HQ
Attending: Sam Umbach, Yoko Harada

Alexandria, VA 4/23 @ 6pm
ClojureDC Meetup Group
Speaking: Bobby Calderwood: Datomic

Durham, NC 4/25 @ 7pm
Triangle Clojure Meetup Group @ Relevance HQ
Pedestal Q&A Leader: Ryan Neufeld
Attending: Chris Redinger, Daemian Mack

Columbia, SC 4/25-4/26
Attending: Ben Vandgrift

Portland, OR 4/29-5/2
Speaking: Yoko Harada: Datomic, From Ruby, From Rails
Attending: Jamie Kite, Lake Denman