Where to Find Relevancers: October Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of October:

San Francisco, CA 9/30-10/4
Speaking: Stuart Sierra: Clojure/ClojureScript: One Language to Rule the Web

Aarhus, Denmark 10/1-10/3
Goto Aarhus
Speaking: Michael Nygard: Speaking, Disband the Deployment Army; Trainer, Production Ready Software

Boston, MA 10/1-10/3
Business of Software Conference
Attending: Muness Alrubaie

Chicago, IL 10/5-10/6
Chicago Web Conf
Speaking: Jen Myers: Teaching our CSS to Play Nice

Orlando, FL 10/5-10/6
Magic Ruby
Attending: Jamie Kite, Ryan Neufeld

Durham, NC 10/10, 6:30pm
West End Ruby Hack Night at Relevance HQ!
Attending: Sam Umbach, Ryan Neufeld, Larry Karnowski, Daemian Mack

Raleigh, NC 10/17, 7:00pm
Triangle Devops Meetup
Attending: Sam Umbach, Larry Karnowski, Daemian Mack

Charlotte, NC 10/17, 7:00pm
Charlotte Ruby Meetup
Speaking: Justin Gehtland
Attending: Ben Vandgrift

Chapel Hill, NC 10/20-10/21
Attending: Clinton Dreisbach