Where to Find Cognitects: February Edition

Want to meet a Cognitect in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of February:

Minneapolis, MN 2/5
DevJam Talk
Speaking: Michael Nygard
Talk: Immutable Values: Benefits of Value-Based Programming

St. Louis, MO 2/18
St. Louis Clojure Meetup
Organizing: Alex Miller

Durham, NC 2/18
West End Ruby Hack Night @ Cognitect HQ
Attending: Yoko Harada

Atlanta, GA 2/24-2/25
Speaking: Stuart Sierra
Sessions: Intro to Clojure, Clojure in the Large

Durham, NC 2/27
Triangle Clojure Meetup @ Cognitect HQ
Attending: Yoko Harada

Boston, MA 2/28-3/2
New England Software Symposium
Speaking: Stu Halloway
Sessions: Clojure in 10 Big Ideas, Narcissistic Design, Simulation Testing with Simulant, Generative Testing, core.async