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Online education partner integration / JavaScript Graphing Tool for iPad

"On Keystone, Relevance has far exceeded our expectations. They have not merely fulfilled the requirements of the project, they have also adapted to our business and provided a comprehensive solution that goes beyond minimum requirements. Their development team is highly skilled and quickly adapts to new projects and changing needs without missing a step. Additionally, Relevance offers a complete package of effective project management, design, and professional services that comfortably aligned with our business at each point. On every occasion, Relevance has gone above and beyond, to deliver more than we expected."

"On the Graphing Tool, Relevance joined a project that was struggling against tight deadlines and immediately demonstrated organizational and technical savvy. Their developers consistently amazed our team by delivering high-quality, masterful code. When we met technical challenges, they rallied to find a solution and voluntarily worked extra hours to ensure they produced an excellent product. After the project was complete they surprised us by producing a JavaScript test framework for the tool in their spare time, completely of their own accord and at no cost to us."

Anna Milner, Manager of Application Development, WebAssign

About the Integration Project

WebAssign provides an online homework and grading solution for math and science courses. The WebAssign application is a large body of Perl code which presents significant challenges for maintenance and enhancements. WebAssign approached Relevance with two goals: First, to help WebAssign integrate with online education partners. Second, to help start of a long-term migration of their product from the existing legacy Perl code base to a Rails-based platform. A critical part of the larger migration project was to develop a partnership between the WebAssign and Relevance technical teams so that WebAssign engineers would gain familiarity with Rails best practices and be fully able to continue development upon conclusion of the Relevance engagement.

Relevant Solutions

  • Custom Ruby on Rails and JavaScript development in a solution involving FreeBSD, MySQL, and Perl
  • Integration of existing application with 3rd party training providers
  • Integration with OAuth and OpenID for authenticated single sign-on across services
  • Providing secure APIs to the underlying Perl application

About the iPad Project

WebAssign was receiving requests from large institutions to expand its popular online homework and grading solution to the Apple iPad as soon as possible. A critical component of the existing application was a Flash-based Graphing Tool used in several high-level math courses, and the lack of Flash support on the iPad required a wholly new approach on a very tight timeline. In just 5 weeks, Relevance was able to quickly understand the inner workings of the existing tool, work closely with stakeholders to understand the constraints and goals of the project, and rewrite the entire Graphing Tool in JavaScript. The resulting component runs not only on iPad but on a wide range of web browsers, and can be used by WebAssign to replace the older Flash version across the board. In addition to the required deliverables, Relevance created an open source JavaScript test library that WebAssign can use in future versions of the Graphing Tool and other projects, benefiting their ongoing development efforts across their business.

Relevant Solutions

  • Custom CoffeeScript/JavaScript development in a solution
  • Interactive JavaScript based graphics
  • Integration with existing Perl/JavaScript application across multiple platforms


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