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Administration and configuration application for enterprise search platform

"We chose Relevance as a development partner because of their experience with our technology stack and their ability to integrate in our development environment. From the first interaction to the end of the first project we were impressed not only with their technical skills, but their ability to really understand the challenges we have and contribute to the project definition. In addition to the critical product deliverables, the Relevance team also helped us refine our processes and shared their best practices that continue to influence our development flow. I was also struck with their honest, straightforward approach to issues as well. If something wasn’t going to work or be a good fit, they were upfront and most importantly, correct. We are looking forward to our continuing engagements ahead."

Tom Sands, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vivisimo

About the Project

Vivisimo needed a configuration and visualization tool to support its new Customer eXperience Optimization (CXO) product, which was built using JRuby on Rails on a Java infrastructure targeting the enterprise search space. The goal was to create a tool that would reduce the cost and complexity of large-scale deployments and enable their internal development team to focus on the core application.

Relevance worked closely with the Vivisimo team and development process, adapting to their existing agile lifecycle and build schedule. The Relevance team created a new JRuby on Rails application that incorporated existing Java libraries and integrated with Velocity search back end to make configuration and exploration of data as simple as possible. We also created a living style guide to bring consistency and quality to their CSS and HTML elements.

Relevant Solutions

  • Custom JRuby on Rails application that integrated with existing infrastructure and branding
  • Custom CoffeeScript for extensible data visualization and exploration
  • Tight integration with existing Java libraries and services including Vivisimo libraries and ZooKeeper
  • Integration into established development pipeline involving Gerrit, Jenkins, and Pivotal Tracker


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