Case Studies

Real Digital Media

Content management and distribution system

"After a diligent review of available platforms, we settled on Ruby on Rails due to the fast growing developer base and known productivity gains over more conventional platforms. With Relevance, we found a partner with experience that worked in tandem with our team and provided guidance throughout the development process. This partnership not only grew our internal Ruby on Rails skill set substantially, but has advanced our time to market when it comes to releasing new features and enhancements."

Real Digital Media Vice President of Product Development, Gavin Stark

About the Project

Relevance helped Real Digital Media, a leader in digital signage, modernize its NEOCAST content management and distribution system. Users can create customized, localized campaigns for their fleet of digital signs all from a central web platform. NEOCAST allows users to mix a variety of media into a campaign, including photos, video, audio and RSS feeds. Additionally, users can monitor the status of their network of players, controlling individual digital signs. Due to the close working relationship between Relevance and Real Digital Media, RDM was able to roll out new features on the platform after launch, such as localized content and advanced smart groups.

Relevant Solutions

  • Custom Ruby on Rails development to build the media management and distribution platform from the ground up
  • Integration with existing Java-based messaging system to monitor digital signs
  • Media browsing and editing capability built-in to web platform


Work with Relevance