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Nov 10 2008


RunCodeRun at the Professional Ruby Conference

I will be bringing RunCodeRun Beta invites to the Professional Ruby Conference in Boston next week. If you are attending the conference, and want to get your open source Ruby project configured for free Continuous Integration on RunCodeRun, come and see me.

If your build goes green, I will have a T-shirt for you (while supplies last).

Once you go green, you don't go back.

Oct 17 2008


RunCodeRun Badges

Like all of us here at Relevance, I'm very excited about RunCodeRun, the hosted continuous integration service we've been building. This week I wrote runcoderun-badges, to make it easy to display the build status of our open-source projects on any web page we choose. One of the core benefits of continuous integration, after all, is accountability---and how better to hold yourself accountable than by showing your integration status to the world?

RunCodeRun badge screenshot

I started with Dr Nic's wonderful GitHub badges (it would've been foolish not to!) but a lot has changed. I'll keep this up to date as RunCodeRun evolves.

If your open source projects are already on RunCodeRun, check out the runcoderun-badges README for information on adding a badge to your blog. (And if your projects are not yet on RunCodeRun, drop by and request an invitation.)

Update: As Dan Manges discovered, these badges don't play nicely with the GitHub badges on the same page. The problem appears to stem from the way each badge depends on JQuery. For now, consider using just the RunCodeRun badge (you can get to a project's GitHub repository from its page on RunCodeRun), but I know that's not a good long term solution, so I'm working to fix the problem.

Oct 14 2008


Introducing RunCodeRun

Relevance is pleased to be able to introduce you to RunCodeRun -- a hosted continuous integration service for Ruby and Rails projects. We've been working on it for a few months now, and have been in a private beta mode, but as of today we've reached a major milestone. Today, anybody can surf to RunCodeRun and browse all the open source projects that have been building there and view their build histories.

We are also happy to announce that we are going to be sponsoring Rails Rumble by providing hosted continuous integration for interested teams. We'll have several team members providing support over the weekend and helping to make sure any test-driven Rumble teams can keep their projects happy and green. We'll have more details on the Rumble partnership at the RunCodeRun blog.

h2. Why a hosted continuous integration service?

We, like just about everybody else on Planet Ruby, are ga-ga for GitHub. Social source control has been a major factor in open source for a long time, but GitHub really elevated the game. It makes setting up source control for your project dead simple, and eliminates the front-end IT pain of managing a project. That still leaves continuous integration, the back-end IT pain, up to the team. We want CI to be as automatic, and as easy, as source control, and the way to do that is a hosted solution.

If GitHub enables easy sharing and collaboration, RunCodeRun will enable easy builds and quality metrics to find out which projects to depend on and which to pass over. To learn more about RunCodeRun and follow our progress, subscribe to the RunCodeRun blog. See you on the other side.

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