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Sep 16 2013


Cognitect - Podcast Episode 040

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In this landmark episode, Craig interviews Justin Gehtland and Rich Hickey as they discuss the merger of Relevance and Metadata Partners (the company behind Datomic) to form a new company: Cognitect. They discuss why they made the decision to join forces, what will stay the same with the products and services that Relevance and Rich currently provide, and what will be different and better. They discuss the choice of the name, and how it reflects the new company's philosophy of craftsmanship and considered design.

This is the final episode of ThinkRelevance: The Podcast; happily, it is also the first episode of The Cognicast.

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Jul 27 2009


In Boston Aug 15: Triadic Programming

I will be premiering the Triadic Programming keynote at Developer Day Boston on August 15. The talk pulls together ideas I have been working out for over a decade, and proposes a new way to think about the abstractions that programmers use.

Of course, the best part of any technical event is happy hour, so I will be sticking around for the evening to meet folks, along with our excellent co-sponsors from Viget Labs and thoughtbot.

Oh, and there are lots of other interesting talks on the agenda, including one by some guy who apparently knows a bit about JavaScript. Hope to see you there!

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