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Aug 08 2011


Friday Update 1.1

Welcome to the latest installment of the critically acclaimed "Friday Update"! This week's theme is "In-browser Awesomeness (plus one more)", and boy do we have an exciting lineup for you today!

First up, our brilliant intern Vojto (pronounced VOY-toe) has spiked out a Cocoa library called Atmosphere which waits for client-side changes and pushes those changes to the server automagically. You can read more about it on his blog.

Next we have the illustrious Chad Humphries, who is investigating using Rails 3.1, Backbone.js and Jasmine to build applications. He is excited to announce that the Jasmine tests run both inside and outside the browser.

Continuing our theme, Bobby Calderwood and Alex Redington are working on an in-browser ClojureScript evaluator. A server is required to perform compilation, but, in conjunction with some additonal work from Alan Dipert and Brenton Ashworth, we could soon have a browser-connected REPL!

And our c-c-c-combo breaker: David Liebke is working on a Clojure library called cogito. It's a Clojure implementation of System-Z+, a probabalistic reasoner.

That's it for now!

And don't forget to sign up for Clojure/conj!

Aug 01 2011


Friday Update 1.0

An important part of Relevance's culture is the work we do on Fridays. Many of you have likely heard of 20% time. Perhaps you've even heard it from us! But for those who haven't, 20% time is time that is devoted entirely to personal development and contributing to the open-source community. It doesn't have to be open-source, but it almost always is. In fact, we used to call the 20% time "Open-source Friday," but decided to stop lest we discourage people from following interests or scratching itches that couldn't be open-sourced.

Since this time is so important to us, we've decided to share a cross-section of our Friday projects with the rest of you! Consider this the first of many Friday Updates.

On the Clojure front, the Clojure/core team has been focusing on porting Clojure and its libraries to the recently announced ClojureScript. In particular, keep your eye out for David Liebke's port of Annalemma, dubbed Apogee. And if you haven't seen it already, Stuart Sierra recently wrote a blog post about ClojureScript.

The team is also busy organizing the second Clojure/conj! Which you should sign up for today! Early bird pricing ends soon!

Rob Sanheim and Jamie Kite put together a Rails 3 engine called Honey Badger which sticks a badge onto the page of a running Rails app with the environment, current git SHA, or anything else you'd like displayed in non-Production environments.

Craig Andera recently released ShadowSpawn, a Windows utility for working with shadow copies. Check out his announcement for more details.

And last, but most certainly not least, Jess Martin has released an iOS library called CoolButtons. It allows you to draw glassy iOS-style buttons, all using CoreGraphics and no images.

See you next week!

Jul 25 2011


Rails 3.1 HackFest Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rails 3.1 HackFest! I hope you enjoyed sharing your love of Rails, plus a few beers, as much as we did. It was great getting to know some of our neighbors.

In addition to upgrading a few Rails apps to the latest 3.1 release candidate, we also submitted a few RailsGuides patches, found a bug and submitted a failing test. We didn't even have a chance to fix it before grzuy picked it up and submitted the patch.

We ran into a few bumps moving to the 3.1 asset pipeline, but overall the upgrade from Rails 3.0 to 3.1 has been smooth. As for the 2.3 to 3.0 upgrade, Rails provides deprecation warnings in the previous point release, 3.0.9 as I write this, so the upgrade goes a little something like this:

  1. Upgrade to Rails 3.0.9
  2. Upgrade other gems as necessary (e.g., haml 3.0 to haml 3.1 + sass 3.1)
  3. Run tests, fix tests, rinse and repeat
  4. Walk through the application and fix any deprecation warnings that crop up in the rails log
  5. Upgrade to Rails 3.1

And now...your moment of zen.

Jul 20 2011


Rails 3.1 HackFest comes to Bull City, July 22-23

Join us at Relevance Inc. this Friday and Saturday as we participate in the Rails 3.1 HackFest.

Come on down for two days of upgradin', pipelinein', bug fixin' good times! This is a great opportunity to meet some local Rails hackers, work through the 3.1 upgrade process, and give back to the larger Rails community. If you're in town this Friday or Saturday, please drop by any time.

UPDATE: The Relevance office will be open Friday and Saturday from 8:30am until 6:00pm or after. Grab your laptop and swing by for an hour or camp out for both days; we'll be here...with pizza.

Find us at:
514 South Duke Street
Durham, NC 27701

For more information, please contact us via email at or by phone at 919-283-2748.

Feb 02 2011


Band Together Rocks -- You Should Help

For the past two years, we've been working with Band Together, a North Carolina non-profit organization with an incredibly cool mission. Every year, they throw one amazing party at which they raise money for a different North Carolina non-profit. Last year, that party was a concert featuring Michael Franti, The Old Ceremony, One EskimO and others, and they gave StepUP Ministry $358,000. That's big time.

And what a party we had last year. It rained like hell all over The Old Ceremony, which sucks because they are one of my favorite local bands, but it eased up enough for us to take the dance train to funky town as Michael Franti, my favorite artist anywhere, rocked the house.

This year, Band Together has launched a two-year fund drive to benefit Alliance Medical Ministry and Urban Ministries of Wake County. The goals are bigger, the concerts get better every year, and I encourage anyone who likes great music and crazy good ways to help the community to get acquainted with Band Together and check out the show this year. Relevance will be there, in force, in the VIP booth. Will you join us?

May 10 2010


Relevance Open-door Bug Mash Friday May 14

This Friday, May 14, Relevance Inc. is hosting a local bug mash in preparation for the Rails 3 BugMash May 15 & 16 organized by RailsBridge. We tip our hats to this worthy cause and hope to set a modest bar for the participants over the weekend.

Dan Pickett, who is coordinating the Rails 3 BugMash, recently challenged users to give back to the platform that has provided so much win for so many. At Relevance we certainly hear that message. Rails supports a significant portion of our work. It has been and continues to be one of the most progressive and dynamic platforms for programmers today. On top of that, it is fundamentally open source and thrives in a community of mutual collaboration.

In this spirit, we at Relevance pledge to donate our entire Friday to kick-starting the mashing festivities. Those bugs we target will be crushed not for prizes or glory, but out of gratitude to the platform and community. We are eager to see the magic that Rails 3 will produce and we hope to do our part to make that release the best it can be. If you will be in the area this Friday please feel free to stop by our office where there will be food, fun, and lots and lots of coffee.

You can find us at:
200 North Mangum St., Suite 204
Durham, NC, 27701

For more information, please contact us via email at or by phone at 919-442-3030.

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