Where to Find Relevancers: June Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of June:

Oslo, Norway 6/10-6/14 @ 6pm
Norwegian Developers Conference
Speaking: Stuart Halloway: Day of Clojure; Day of Datomic; Simulation Testing

Oslo, Norway 6/12 @ 7pm
Oslo Socially Functional Programmers Meetup Group
Speaking: Stuart Halloway: TBD

Washington, D.C. 6/14-6/15
Ruby Nation
Speaking: Russ Olsen: Intuition and Programming

Durham, NC 6/18
West End Ruby Hack Night @ Relevance HQ
Attending: Yoko Harada

Santa Clara, CA 6/18-6/20
Velocity Conference
Attending: Michael Nygard

St. Petersburg, FL 6/20-6/21 @ 6:30pm
Front-End Conf
Speaking: Michael Parenteau: The myth of the half-brained designer... and their magic vacuum

Waltham, MA 6/28
Engineers 4 Engineers
Speaking: Russ Olsen: Fighting Robots and Flying Cement

Austin, TX 6/28-6/30
Lone Star Software Symposium
Speaking: Stuart Halloway: Sessions include: Generative Testing, Get Logical with Datalog, Pure Fun, Simulation Testing with Simulant, edn and Fressian: Flexible Languages for Data