Chas Emerick, Mostly Lazy - Podcast Episode 031

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Chas Emerick is a well-known and respected member of the Clojure community. His contributions to the Clojure world include the Friend authentication library, the annual State of Clojure Survey, and, of course, his book, to name just a few. On top of that, he's a very insightful and interesting person. So I was thrilled to get the chance to sit down with him and record what I think turned out to be a fascinating conversation. We talked about his book, his business, his secret new project, "100% time", and the weight of the word "should".

As a bonus, although he and I disagree about whose idea this was (I still say it was his), we continued the conversation on Mostly Lazy, his podcast. That episode is available here.

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Our Guest, Chas Emerick


Chas chose "Whispering Wind" by Moby as the intro, and "Take me Home Country Roads" by John Denver to end the show.



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