Stuart Sierra - Podcast Episode 018

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One of the great things about working with Relevance is the opportunity not just to work with excellent developers, but to actually pair with them. One of my favorite people to pair with over the last couple of years has been Stuart Sierra. He and another Relevancer, Luke VanderHart are the authors of Practical Clojure. But they are also working on ClojureScript: Up and Running, the first-ever book about ClojureScript. When I heard that the book would be out soon, it was just one more reason to finally have Stuart on the podcast. We talked about the book, about his role in developing Clojure itself, and about Stuart's decision to take up programming rather than acting.

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Our Guest, Stuart Sierra

The Music

Stuart chose George Gershwin's Prelude #1 piano prelude as the intro song, and Oscar Peterson playing On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) to close the show.

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