Clojure Conference Organizers - Podcast Episode 016

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It's fall, and that means Strange Loop is happening! So what better time to release an episode we recorded back in July with Alex Miller, Marco Abis, and Lynn Grogan? Alex is the organizer of Strange Loop as well as of Clojure/West, Marco put together EuroClojure, and Lynn is the key person at Relevance responsible for pulling off Clojure/conj. Getting these three together was Lynn's idea, and I think after listening to the episode, you'll agree that it was a good one!

We talked about what's involved in organizing a conference like these, and heard a few horror stories about the things that the organizers have to deal with while the rest of us are enjoying the talks and the camaraderie.

By the way, I'll be at Strange Loop myself this year. If you happen to be there, come over and say hi - it's always great to meet listeners!

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