Marc Phillips - Podcast Episode 013

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When someone suggested that I should have Marc Phillips on the show, I knew right away it would be a fun episode. And, as I think you'll hear from the moment the intro music starts, I was right! Marc and I talked about retrospectives, agile coaching, and the many wonderful qualities of monkeys.

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Show Notes

Marc also had one more note he wanted to add, even though we didn't touch on this during the show. In his words:

One person we didn't get a chance to talk about was my last manager at Microsoft, George Santino, who recently retired to record an album of Frank Sinatra songs and become a motivational speaker. I remember the day at work when his doctor frantically returned his call about chest pains to say he was probably having a heart attack, and George said he was in the middle of a discussion with his team and would drive himself to the hospital when it was over (turned out to be a muscle spasm). And then he proudly began his last day of work by falling down a flight of stairs, refusing an ambulance, and ending his tenure with a full and productive day punctuated by limps and bleeding. He's basically the Terminator, if the Terminator liked to sing and help people.