Where to Find Relevancers: May Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of May:

Durham, NC Every Tuesday - 7pm @ Splat Space
Splat Space Open Meeting
Attending: Alan Dipert, Splat Space founder and Meetup organizer

Columbus, OH 5/4
Stir Trek, Conference & A Movie
Speaking: Jen Myers
Talk: Developers Can't Design (and Other Completely Mistaken Design Myths)

Cincinnati, OH 5/10-5/11
QC Merge Conference
Speaking: Jen Myers
Talk: Design for Developers

Floyd, VA 5/11-5/13
Code Retreat
Attending: Jason Rudolph, Lake Denman

London, UK 5/21-5/23
EuroClojure, Clojure Training
Trainers: Stuart Sierra, Luke VanderHart
Training Description: Intro to Clojure

London, UK 5/24-5/25
EuroClojure Conference
Speaking: Stuart Halloway
Talk: Evident Code, At Scale (Keynote)

Copenhagen, Denmark 5/21-5/23
GOTO Conference
Speaking: Michael Nygard, DevOps/continuous delivery
Stuart Halloway: Real Life Clojure & The Impedance Mismatch is Our Fault

Durham, NC 5/24
Refresh the Triangle, Project Management Panel
Speaking: Marc Phillips
Panel Discussion: More Fun, Less Stress: What You Should Know About Project Management

Amsterdam, Netherlands 5/24-5/25
GOTO Conference
Speaking: Michael Nygard
Talk: Failure Comes in Flavor: Stability Antipatterns

San Francisco, CA 5/29-5/31
Fluent Conference
Speaking: Luke VanderHart
Talk: Intro to ClojureScript