Where to Find Relevancers: March Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of March:

Durham, NC Every Tuesday - 7pm @ Splat Space
Splat Space Open Meeting
Attending: Alan Dipert, Splat Space founder and Meetup organizer

Columbus, OH 3/7-4/11
Girl Develop It Newbie HTML/CSS Class
Trainer: Jen Myers

San Jose, CA 3/13-3/15
Clojure/West Training
Trainers: Alan Dipert and Stuart Sierra

San Jose, CA 3/16-3/17
Clojure/West Conference
Speaking: Stuart Halloway, Craig Andera, Alan Dipert, Michael Fogus, David Liebke, Stuart Sierra, Luke VanderHart
Attending: Chris Redinger, Brenton Ashworth, Clinton Nixon

Louisville, KY 3/15-17
CodepaLOUsa Conference
Speaking: Jen Myers

Reston, VA 3/23-3/24
RubyNation Conference
Speaking: Justin Gehtland (Keynote), Russ Olsen