ThinkRelevance: The Podcast - Episode 004 - Aaron Bedra's Valedictory

Aaron Bedra on ThinkRelevance: The Podcast

When I heard that Aaron Bedra was leaving Relevance, I was surprised and a bit saddened. But I also thought, "Hey, we should have him on the podcast." And that's just what we did. I think it's great to work at a place where it's cool to record an interview with someone who has decided to move on.

In this episode, we talk to Aaron about what brought him to Relevance, some of the things he's worked on while he was here and even a bit about what the future holds for him.

Download the episode here.

You may have noticed a sweet new feature on the podcast: cover art! Our crack design team offered to produce "album covers" for our shows, and I realized that I'd be an idiot not to take them up on the offer. It's a fun detail, and one I hope you'll enjoy.

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